...Inspired By Its Own Story

The story.


" There was this warrior in Ijebuland who was very powerful and a no-nonsense person nicknamed ‘MASE’ because he was always telling people 'MASE' (Don’t try it).

Most people did not know his real name as he was popularly known as ‘MASE’.

His wife was a food seller and had a reputation for being a good cook.

So, when people wanted their kids to buy food from them, they will remind them that 'Obe aya MASE ni ko ra fun mi ooo'.

Apparently the most popular one is the green one, 'Obe oniru'.
After her death, the stew was named after her as 'Obe Aya MASE'. "

And that's what everyone enjoys at homes and parties till date.


Available in Hot and Mild Flavours

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